MPPT mjukvaruuppdatering

Ny firmwire för Victron MPPT version 1.37


Victron har släppt en ny version av mjukvaran för sina MPPT regulatorer och man rekomenderar uppgradering. Har ni utrustning med Bluetooth kan ni göra uppgradering via era Smartphones. Har ni inte bluetooth i era enheter och vill göra uppgradering så kan ni kontakta oss för hjälp.

MPPT firmware v1.37 - a recommended update

It is strongly recommended to update all Smart Solar Chargers to this latest version. It fixes a problem that can, in certain cases, cause a device to fail. This hardware failure occurs while shutting down at the end of the day. It normally shows up the next day in the morning: the solar charger refuses to charge the batteries. Or, for larger models that contain two converters, the behaviour will be very erratic. This fix is especially important for all 150V and 250V Smart Solar Charger models. The Blue Solar Charger range is not affected.

Once a Solar Charger does not charge any more, or for the larger models behaves erratic, the hardware has failed. The unit needs to be replaced; updating the firmware will not help.  The update prevents the failure from occurring in the first place.

 How to update? For systems on the VRM Portal; you can use the new remote firmware update feature